STEVE SLAGLE’s newest recording Todo Flute-‘SPIRIT CALLS’

Steve’s newest recording is a first in his career as it features the original and bold sound of his Flute only–‘Todo Flute’–in a singular context of two drummers + bass, (Roman Diaz + Jason Tiemann) along with several cuts with new star pianist Keith Brown
( the great Donald Browns son). Also on one remarkable cut Steve plays duo with the great John Scofield on guitar.

The title, ‘Spirit Calls’, is a unique combination of music that includes a wide range of composers from Dvorak to John Coltrane and many more. Each track shines a different light on the Fat and Focused sound of his technically ambitious flute voice and arrangements for Flute. From the solo ‘tour de force’ of Coltrane’s late and challenging composition ‘Expression’ to an amazing Indian Bamboo Flute arrangement of Dvorak’s theme, ‘Goin Home’ ( from his New World Symphony) this recording, with such variety and the singular sound of his flute is certainly a groundbreaking recording.

( Also contained is a bonus track #10 played on Alto Sax with his Quartet!)

Steve Slagle 'Spirit Call' 5_17_18
Steve+Sco @ Joes
Steve Slagle+ John Scofield

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