Steve Slagle has been playing the
Yanagisawa model WO-10 alto saxophone
as well as the
Yanagisawa S9930 soprano saxophone.


Sometimes practicing you have a ‘bright idea’ !!


These two state-of-the-art models have the sound that Steve feels is the highest evolution of saxophone craftsmanship. Steve would like to thank Yanagisawa Company of Japan for the opportunity to play their fine instruments. W-O signifies the magic number zero!

Steve endorses Vandoren reeds,+ mouthpieces of France (DANSR in USA) and uses them on all his saxophones as well as clarinets.They have the magic cane!!Steve Slagle & David Gould Vandoren Studio NYC                                 Steve & Artist Rep./Clarinetist David Gould @ Vandoren Studio Nyc

Steve also plays a Haynes flute from 1970.The Haynes Co. in Boston always think at first that i have stolen the flute when i come to their headquarters, (especially when they see the new headjoint with gold lip plate!)…..but when they hear me play, they are a little less suspicious!

                     Steve would like to thank the fine Photographers specifically:

                   CHRIS DRUKKER (.COM) + JIMMY KATZ (.COM) –for permission to use their fine photos taken over the years–these two are the tops in their business!!

              ——–Also Thanks to web designer Josh Howe for his artistry——