McCoy Tyner Quartet

Steve was asked to play Alto Sax with the iconic Master McCOY TYNERS QUARTET in 2016-18 both on the road and in New York City.

Exploring the great and singular compositions of McCOY, and being under his leadership is a great and inspiring experience. I have always felt that along with being the pianist who made the most original advances on piano after Bud Powell – (which is saying an awful lot) , he also has a unique gift for composition, sometimes overlooked because of the ferocity of his piano playing.

There is nothing quite like being on the bandstand with the great McCoy Tyner!



  1. This is my first look at your page. Very profesional. Excellent. One suggestion: why not mention soprano sax? You only indicate that Steve plays alto and flute.


    1. HI—I didnt play Soprano sax with McCoy Tyner Qt only Alto and on one gig,flute.My news recording out this mid-june called ALIVE IN HARLEM-is a snapshot of these times as well as made in honor of Charlie Parkers 100th yr. Centennial….on Panorama records—look for it in june—music soothes the virus-overloaded soul!


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