Steve Slagles Recording – ‘Nascentia’

Steve Slagle produced his new recording at Sear Sound’s Big Room on 48th St NYC on OCT16.2021

Personnel par excellence:

  • Jeremy Pelt, Trumpet
  • Clark Gayton, Trombone
  • Steve Slagle, Alto Sax & Flute
  • Bruce Barth, Piano
  • Ugonna Okegwo, Bass
  • Jason Tiemann, Drums
  • Chris Sulit, Chief Engineer
  • Executive Producer, Rick Simpson

We just mixed it at Chris’s Trading 8’s studio and are very excited by all these new sounds! Everyone really reached deep and created some incredible group feeling & spirit! You can even hear it in the pictures!

Check out this new release NASCENTIA by Steve Slagle available on Panorama Records on ALL Platforms!

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